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Simbavati Collection

Simbavati Collection
+ Brand Identity Refinements
+ User Experience (UX)
+ Responsive Website Design (UI)
+ Website Development
+ Hospitality
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Boutique Collection



Simbavati offers hospitality management services to independent lodges and hotels  in which guest experiences come first. Everything they do starts with the question; “how can we improve the guest experience?”. 


Humanise was tasked with the Simbavati brand identity refinements, user experience, interface design and website development.


The Creative Challenge

The new Simbavati website and identity refinements needed to embody Simbavati’s way of being, Africalm.

“Africalm is a state of ‘BE-ing’ where body, mind and spirit align. This brings about a joyful presence in each moment, where the essence of life is fully appreciated.

It’s a feeling… Wholeness. Stillness. Excitement. Wonder. Grace.


The Solution

To connect with Simbavati’s boutique offering, Humanise crafted an elegant and sophisticated logo that is contemporary, timeless and memorable. The brand was brought to life with a fresh, custom designed website with internationally awarded interface design (UI) and user experience (UX). The new website provided beautifully crafted location and lodge landing pages with subtle interface animations that elevate the content and properties on offer.

We followed this up with a responsive, SEO optimised WordPress development of the website which provided ease of content managed and lean code base for speed and optimum user experience (UX).

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