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Hi5 is a simple, easy cloud solution that unlocks the potential of every team member through ongoing recognition and feedback. This ultimately frees up management and HR teams from laborious admin to focus on qualitative employee engagement to improve company culture.


Humanise was mandated with a complete redesign of the Hi5 platform, reimagining the user experience across all aspects of the platform including, onboarding, Hi5 recognition and games centers.


The Creative Challenge

The redesign of the Hi5 interface needed to take existing customer feedback into account, while evolving the user experience to allow for ease of navigation, task completion and improved gamification.

Some of the feedback from customers included:

  • “UI in some places feels like I’m using a backend.”
  • “Terminology gets confusing with things like roles/goals & all the different reports.”
  • “Drag and drop sections in Pulse creation don't work as expected.”
  • “Make organograms easier to download.”
  • “Include filters on Recognition Dashboard to allow dashboards to sort by platform.”

The Strategic Solution

Humanise approached the redesign of the Hi5 platform by first auditing the existing system flows and carefully listening to what users had to say about the experience.

 Our product audit quickly unpacked into a series of key areas that needed UX improvements and gave us a good starting point to build out a design system that would allow for an optimum experience, which would make Hi5 more modular and scalable as the ecosystem evolved.

 Rather than playing out each and every part of the experience we honed in on core areas of the platform and built a comprehensive style guide and design system to give the building blocks for expansion.

The resulting platform interface redesign created cleaner and clearer interface communications, optimised user flows and beautifully packaged components to allow this powerful cultural monitoring tool to better engage and delight its audiences.

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