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Money Transfer



The brief was to redesign the Mukuru website in order to captured their revised brand look and feel and enhance Mukuru's ability to convert website visitors into customers.

Humanise Portfolio Mukuru App

The Challenge

Mukuru was using a mix of legacy platforms and design styles to get users through their money send flow, leaving the user experience disjointed and out of sync with not only  current best practise but a break in the brands look and feel from one place to the next. We needed to consolidate the product into a consistent and streamlined user experience while maintaining current interface design best practise and bringing through the revised brand look and feel.

The Easiest Way...

To Send Money

Humanise Portfolio Mukuru Mobile

Blue Hue
R:63 G:169 B:245

Mukuru Orange
R:231 G:121 B:38

Yellow Hue
R:254 G:227 B:136 


The Result

The result was a fresh, brand aligned responsive interface that created a consolidated user experience. This improved Mukuru's ability to communicate its offering to customers, sell its products and services and ultimately convert visitors into customers.

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