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+ Art Direction
+ User Experience (UX)
+ Interface Design (UI)
+ Design System
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+ Personal Development
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Emotional Intelligence



Humanise Digital has been working with Mygrow since 2017 to grow and optimise their various digital assets, from responsive web to SaaS interface, style guide, design system to reporting dashboard, illustrations and optimisation of onboarding flows to name a few.

The Challenge

Design a responsive interface that appealed to both corporates and individuals looking for personal growth and human resource development tools. Design the software as a service interface (SaaS) to ensure the audience was engaged and rewarded along their personal growth journey with Mygrow. Onboarding experience design and company analytics dashboard.


Human Captial

Blue Hue
R:63 G:169 B:245

Royal Blue
R:0 G:32 B:71

Green Hue
R:51 G:234 B:200

Yellow Hue
R:254 G:227 B:136 

Technique badges

Technique badges are awarded for great use of Mygrow development techniques.

Module badges

For these badges colour is used to represent each persons development within a learning module.

EQ badges

Rewarded for emotional quotient growth. Different icons created for each growth area.

Humanise Portfolio Mygrow Mobile Onboarding1
Humanise Portfolio Mygrow Mobile Onboarding2
Humanise Portfolio Mygrow Mobile Onboarding3
Humanise Portfolio Mygrow Mobile Onboarding4

The Result

The result has been an amazing partnership in solutions that are literally changing peoples lives. Mygrow products are helping improve work performance, team function and individual well-being as a whole through digital experiences that are user-centric and built for purpose.